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My first fanfic (Ville Valo & A random girl who for lack of a better name, will be called Dahlia)

Dahliah & Ville were getting ready to go to a concert Ville had to perform in for his band HIM. They were in a hotel in Helsinki and Dahlia was helping him do his makeup. Dahlia was his lover. She had for a while been cutting herself but only one of those times is Ville aware of. As she swiped black eyeshadow onto the eyelids that covered his beautiful jade eyes, he opened them in time to catch a glimpse of her wrist and noticed a few somewhat fresh scars on her wrist. “What is this shit?” he firmly asked in his beautiful deep accented voice which was now tainted with sorrow, anger, and disappointment. She look at him teary eyed, noticing the pain she had just caused him. “Last night… I had a dream…” she said. “… I wasn’t good enough for you, & you left me…”. “Darling, you know I would never do that to you. I love you & promise you that I always will.” There was a brief pause in which the silence felt to linger forever. “… Do you know what it’s like?! To be with someone so beautiful, so kind, so amazing as to be able to have any women of his choice and of all people for him to choose me, just a measly average girl, nothing special about me, and to live in fear every day that one day he’ll notice that and go with someone worthy of him?”. A single tear fell out of both their eyes simultaneously. “Dahlia, I’m with you because you are not just an average girl. Your beauty is enough to catch the eyes of millions, your heart is the sweetest thing to be known, and I love you for that. I will NEVER leave you, I promise.” And with that, their lips joined. At that moment they tried to forget all that had happened before those words were said & she continued to do his makeup, then their tour bus arrived and they left to the venue……

…… Ville was on the stage, he was singing the song “Bury Me Deep Inside Your Heart” and all the little fan girls would faint at how desirable he was and how sweet the tone of his voice was. As all the fans walked out of the venue, Dahlia would hear a bunch of girls saying “Omg, Ville is sooooo beautiful I just wanna… UGH I LOVE HIM SO MUCH” & she’d been thinking in her mind “Haha bitches he’s mine ;D” As she met back up with him in the tour bus she told him “Babe, you should’ve heard all the girls after the show, they were all like OMG VILLE VALO & I was all like trololololol he minez !”. “Haha, & yes you are, don’t you ever forget that” he said and then winked at her, kissing her head and holding her in his arms. As they were walking into a restaurant to get something to eat, he placed a cigarette on his beautiful cherry red lips, lit it, & inhaled the smoke to then let out a cloud of smoke in front of his face. He was so beautiful. “Ville, you know they’re gonna make you turn that off as soon as we get into the restaurant, right?” Dahlia said. “I don’t care” he playfully replied & she just rolled her eyes. As they walked in, a lady who seemed to be a waitress at the restaurant approached them and tapped Ville on the back. “Excuse me, sir, you can’t be smoking in hear, I’m afraid I’m gonna have to ask you to-” she said cutting of her sentence is awe. As Ville turned around, her jaw dropped in shock. “Ville Valo, from the band HIM”. “Yep hehe.” Ville replied. “I’m sorry to disturb you sir, cary on” she said “No problem” he said. “See?” He said to Dahlia.

-To be continued

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