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*EXPLICIT!!!! MATURE CONTENT!!!*****My first fanfic (Ville Valo & A random girl who for lack of a better name, will be called Dahlia) Pt.2

They went chuckling to their table & sat down. At the restaurant Ville had a couple glasses of whiskey & had gotten tipsy, and when he got tipsy, he got very horny. They got back onto the tour bus, but it had broken down making them book a room in a hotel til the next day. Ville & Dahlia got in the elevator after they got their room key & had already started making out. Starting softly Ville’s lips gently caressing Dahlia’s, then raising the pace of the kiss, their lips intertwining & tongues grazing in one another’s mouth to taste each other. When they finally got to the hotel room the walked to the bed til the back of Dahlia’s knees hit the ledge of the bed and she was lightly pushed onto the bed. Ville gave her a devilish grin with lust in his eyes, & he could see she was ready for him. He began to kiss her again as his hands traveled up & down her sides, his lips moving down across her cheek, to her neck, to her stomach, ‘till he got to her lower body & removed her pants. He started to rub her legs as  he kissed the lips between her thighs. She moaned, getting goosebumps & her heart started racing. Then Ville went up & kissed her again. “Dahlia, you ready?” He asked. “Yes, Ville” she said, & at that he thrusted inside of her, slowly at first, and then gaining speed ‘till they both climaxed, Dahlia screaming at the top of her lungs & Ville grabbing a fist full of her hair to tug at when he came. As they finished, they stayed laying in the bed, replaying the events of that evening in their mind.


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